Jump Start Jan: Quality of Life Week: Day 4

quality of life week jump start hobbies interests leisure timeIt’s the weeeekend! Time to relax a bit and think about this simple way make the most of your leisure time. Yesterday we looked at quality time in relationships, today it’s time for something slightly different…

Time to make another quick list, especially if you’ve been really busy with work or in a bit of a rut recently. Write quickly and make a note of everything that pops into your head, even if it seems kind of crazy or just plain wrong.

Think back and remember any hobbies, interests and activities where you’ve got so into them that you’ve completely lost track of time. List them all down, even if it’s weird (you don’t have to be highbrow or share with the group…). Studies have shown that even spending one hour a week doing something that completely transports you can improve your general happiness levels.

So, that could be just about anything, and it’s unique to you. It could be:

  • playing really bad rock guitar
  • solving sudokus or crosswords
  • dancing
  • woodworking
  • sketching or painting
  • baking
  • hanging out with a pet
  • writing
  • driving in the countryside
  • welding / hitting things with hammers
  • doing jigsaws
  • tinkering with circuit boards or car engines
  • housework / ironing
  • gardening
  • walking by the sea
  • reading
  • sorting out clothes
  • photography (I said PHOTOgraphy, people)
  • watching live comedy, theatre, music etc

Whatever your list turns out like, have a look through it – maybe you’ll see something that you haven’t done recently, maybe something you’ve been too busy for lately. Something might stand out. Now put an hour of this in your diary, ideally today, and definitely within the next few days.

What’s happening here?

I picked up a trashy novel during the week and will be reading that in the bath, with a nice pot of tea on the go for good measure. Not something I make time for enough.

What are you going to get lost in?

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