Jump Start Jan: Quality of Life Week: Day 3

quality of life week jump start relationshipsToday’s activity is to look at social life and relationships. We often worry that living on a budget will have a negative effect upon our relationships, but a healthy relationship isn’t based on spending loads of cash.

Today, think about one relationship, such as:

  • friend
  • relative
  • partner

…and spend some kind of quality time with them. Make time for this person, don’t have divided attention such as a blaring telly or be tapping away on your computer / smartphone / tablet, and find out how they are. Listen to what they have to say.

Don’t plan to do anything expensive. For example, you could:

  • meet for coffee
  • go for a walk (weather permitting)
  • visit an event or exhibition
  • cook them something
  • go down the pub

If you aren’t there in person today, you could:

  • make an arrangement to see them another time
  • Skype them
  • have a chat over the phone
  • send an email, letter or card

And if you are feeling some kind of social stress, you might want to try:

  • making the first move to reconcile
  • expanding your social circle
  • asserting yourself with someone
  • looking into relationship counselling

– all positive things that could bring about an improvement…

What’s happening here?

Beau has a day off work today, so I’m taking a couple of hours off and we’re going on a mini adventure. It’s a cake walk, a guided tour around some of the best bakeries in town, which I’m treating him to. Can’t wait for our cakey date.

Who are you going to spend some quality time with?

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