Jump Start Jan: Quality of Life Week: Day 2

quality of life week jump start unprocessed simple foods eat natural eat pureHow’s your January going so far? Are you enjoying the change of theme and pace this week? Today we’re looking at a very easy way to eat a more healthy diet, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. It might also improve your energy levels.

All you have to do today is eat natural foods, in other words things that have not been heavily processed or that are full of additives. Pick simple foods, and don’t mess them about too much. Now, I’m not suggesting you go all hunter-gatherer or eat everything raw, just don’t make it overcomplicated.

It doesn’t have to cost a packet: get fruit / veg / fish off the market, or buy economy frozen versions, and use up some store cupboard staples.

Here’s a sample menu for you (it’s what I’ll be scoffing today):

  • Breakfast: porridge made with fruit, water, cinnamon and honey
  • Snack: fresh or dried fruit, nuts or veg sticks
  • Lunch: chickpea curry and rice
  • Dinner: grilled fish, squeeze of lemon, potatoes, salad

You can make up your own menu without too much bother if the one above doesn’t appeal to you for any particular reason…

It’s just for one day, so give simple food a try and see how you feel by the evening and also tomorrow morning.

Do you have a favourite simple meal or snack? Please let us know!

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