Jump Start Jan: Quality of Life Week: Day 1

quality of life jump start creature comforts comfortableWe’re eight days in to Jump Start January, and it’s time for a change of theme. For the next seven days we’re going to be looking at quality of life.

Today, let’s look at creature comforts, and remember that being ‘comfortably off’ is different from feeling content or comfortable in your own home or your own skin.

With that in mind, all you need to do today is make a quick list of things that might make you feel a sense of comfort. Work fast, try not to overthink it, and come up with at least ten ideas. Moving quickly might help you tap into your imagination more easily…

Here’s an example list of things that, right now, might make me feel more comfortable:

  • check battery on fire alarm
  • new pair of warm socks
  • smaller sofa
  • soft cotton pillowcases
  • bath oil
  • body lotion for winter skin
  • tidy up home office area
  • repaint hallway
  • decaffeinated tea
  • new hot water bottle
  • hand rail for steep staircase
  • good quality pair of trainers

That’s just a list off the top of my head, and includes things that can be done (like checking the fire alarm) as well as things that can be bought (mixture of prices).

Now pick one simple thing to do from your list, or select one cheap thing to buy. If it’s something to buy, commit to picking it up before the end of the weekend. I’m looking at picking up a box of tea, which should set me back £2.50 at most or could perhaps be bought with vouchers or clubcard points.

Did the quick list making process bring up any unexpected thoughts or feelings? How are you going to make yourself a little more comfy without spending (too much) money? 

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  1. A blanket
    Working in bed and not at my desk
    Pajamas all day
    Tea and toast
    Looking at the trees and knowing in a couple of months they’ll be green
    Pillows of sweet potato with butter
    Duvet snuggling
    Hot chicken soup

  2. Hi Rosie – that’s a good list, lots of comfort food and warm things!

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