Jump Start Jan: Personal Finance Week: Day 7

day 7 check query calculate pay tax personal finance week Jump Start 2014It’s the last day of this week of pure personal finance, and today is all about making sure that you’re paying the right amount of tax. 

Tax rules can be quite complex and difficult to understand, so make sure that you know your tax rights and entitlements. The tax mentioned here is mostly relevant to residents of England, so please check carefully if you’re in another part of the UK.

Pick one of the following to tackle today:

  • Check your home is classified in the correct council tax band (and challenge it if necessary), or that you’re claiming the right discount or reduction if you’re entitled to it
  • If you’re an employee, check you’re paying the right amount of income tax – make sure you’re not on an emergency tax code months after starting a new job, etc, and query it if you think it’s wrong
  • If you’re self employed, ensure that your tax return is ready to file (online) before the deadline of January 31st
  • Some food and drink is subject to VAT and the rules are confusing – write your next grocery shopping list with a few more VAT-free foods on it

What’s happening here?

I’ll be sorting out my tax return, getting all the paperwork into order today. That includes expenses, including some receipts I’ve been procrastinating about sorting out. No pain, no gain and all that.

Are you sure you’re paying the right amount of tax? If so, can you cut your grocery bill?

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