Jump Start Jan: Happiness Boosters Day 7

Jump Start January Boost happiness day 7

It’s the last day of our Happiness Boosters week, and today is about making an effort to be more sociable. Whether you prefer big crowds or smaller, quieter groups, social interaction is good for wellbeing.

It’s easy to slip into the habit of interacting via quick text messages or brief mentions on social media, but these aren’t really enough on their own to nurture our closest relationships. There’s also the problem of not wanting to go out anywhere too expensive if you’re short of funds, but if you take this to extremes then you can start to feel socially isolated.

Today, think about one or more ways you can be sociable without spending too much money.

For example, you could:

  • Go out after work for a drink with co-workers
  • Arrange to meet friends for a weekend coffee
  • Send someone a handwritten letter or postcard
  • Keep in touch with faraway relatives via Skype or Google hangout
  • Have people over for a thrifty lunch or dinner
  • Hunt down free cinema tickets or a free gig
  • Invite friends to a pamper night or movie night
  • Go for a run or to a class with a fitness buddy
  • Switch off your phone/computer/tablet and give your other half some undivided attention

You could also expand your social circle:

  • Do some volunteering or fundraising
  • Join a local interest group on Meetup.com
  • Take a cheap or subsidised evening or weekend class
  • Etc, etc…

All you have to do today is start making arrangements to do one sociable thing.

What’s your favourite way to keep in touch with loved ones when you’re low on funds? What are you going to get started on today?

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