Jump Start Jan: Happiness Boosters Day 6

Jump Start January boost happiness day 6

Yesterday we were getting the feel-good factor from making a difference and thinking of others. Today’s idea is to turn some kindness onto ourselves and have a little pampering, because rest and recuperation are part of a healthy, happy life and it’s good for self esteem too.

Pampering ourselves doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the ideas are free, and we also often have pampering goodies in our homes already, often sitting forgotten at the back of cupboards or put aside somewhere for ‘best’ and generally not being used.

Here are a few ideas for some pampering you might like to try:

  • A soak in the bath
  • A scrub in the shower
  • Face pack or moisturising mask
  • Body lotion and foot cream
  • Manicure or pedicure
  • Deep conditioning hair
  • Feet up, candles, listening to music
  • Change into pyjamas an hour or two early
  • Go to bed early and read / sleep
  • Relaxation / meditation recording or app

Simply pick one and give yourself a treat.

My plan is to have a relaxing bath after getting my chores done for the evening, then put on some foot cream and a pair of cotton socks over the top for happy feet.

What’s your best thrifty pampering tip? What are you going to do to pamper yourself?

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