Jump Start Jan: Happiness Boosters Day 5

Jump Start January boost happiness day 5

Day five of our week of happiness boosters, and today we’re looking at being more outward directed. The idea is to be part of something bigger than ourselves, and to make a difference.

It’s completely up to you how you do this, but making a difference can include raising funds for a cause, giving up your time and volunteering, making a donation to charity, starting your own campaign or charity, or getting involved with a local, national or global issue.

Getting involved and making a difference, however small, is a great way to see the bigger picture. It can help us to feel part of something that’s important to us, and be a way to meet people in your community with similar interests and make new friends. Many types of fundraising and volunteering can also help you raise your fitness levels, and generally gain the feel good factor.

Think about ways you can make a difference, whether that’s something big or small.

For example you could:

  • Sign an online petition at change.org
  • Write to your local MP
  • Join a political party or pressure group
  • Get sponsored as part of a large charity fundraising event
  • Fundraise for your own cause on JustGiving.com
  • Make a donation to your favourite charity
  • Buy something in a charity shop (or take a donation to one)
  • Look into all these avenues for volunteering
  • Find out more about green issues, waste reduction or recycling
  • Help out a neighbour, or carry out a random act of kindness
  • Take some supplies to a nearby food bank, checking what they need or accept first

You could even start your own charity, if you’re feeling fired up about something. The list is endless.

Do you already make a difference? If not, are you thinking about trying anything out this year?

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