Jump Start Jan: Declutter Week: Day 6

declutter and organise week action station home drop off pointThis time last year I wrote about the ‘crash zone’, that spot where you drop everything when you arrive home that often becomes a stubborn source of clutter. There’s also an effective declutter for that which goes a long way towards stopping the mess from building back up again.

Today, we’re going to go one better and turn the natural crash zone into an action station. This will take it from a tidy crash zone when you arrive home to an efficient jumping off point for when you want to head out again.

  • Start by emptying and cleaning the area
  • Add things for home arrival such as letter racks, key holders, places to leave wet shoes, coat hooks, umbrella holders etc
  • Add a small notice board, pin board or post-it notes for important reminders
  • Add a calendar or other diary if you like too
  • You might also like to add an optional clock or dynamic calendar
  • Add an out-tray or out-box – a designated spot where you put things at night that you don’t want to forget to take with you in the morning (if there’s more than one of you, you can make personalised boxes or buy colour coded ones)

As always, think about home security. Don’t advertise things to potential burglars such as nights you might be out of the house, and make sure keys and post can’t be seen or reached via letterboxes.

Do you have an ‘action station’ already? Do you have any top tips of your own for creating one?

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