Jump Start Jan: Declutter Week: Day 2

declutter and organise week streamline morning routine get out of the house more easilyDay Two of Declutter Week, and this one’s all about making your life sooo much easier when you’re in a tearing hurry. An investment today will pay off for weeks to come, so let’s streamline those early morning blunderings and make it simpler and faster to get out of the house first thing.

Let’s be honest, most mornings during the week we get ready for work on auto-pilot. We mostly do the same stuff and use the same items over and over again, so why not just pick those essential things out – removing anything else that simply gets in the way – and give ourselves a clearer path?

For a stress-saving morning routine:

  • Clear clutter out of the bath/shower, add a small basket, and put back only what you really need in that, right where you can grab it (shampoo, everyday conditioner, face wash, body wash, cloth/brush/sponge). Move the ‘occasional use’ and ‘once weekly’ products somewhere less busy.
  • Make a ‘high traffic shelf’ or ‘rush box’ for when you get out of the shower, right where you need it. Fill only with the everyday basicsĀ (toner/treatment, moisturiser, sunscreen, deodorant, body lotion), including products that you know you should use every day but often forget.

morning rush boxes

  • Make your wardrobe simpler – group together items that you wear most often, hang them on the side of your wardrobe where there’s the easiest access, and make sure you can mix and match the clothes. Put your work day shoes nearest the front of the wardrobe or shoe rack. Keep everyday accessories together in a box nearby.
  • Work bag – keep it in the same spot at night, so it’s where you need it in the morning. If necessary, clear the best spot, and keep it clear by adding a box or small crate.
  • Easy-reach coat. Ideally, hang your work coat or jacket somewhere that you can just grab it on the way out of the door (declutter coat rack/hooks if necessary – either by hanging less-used coats further away or by storing them in a different spot).
  • Breakfast – have coffee or tea making facilities and supplies set out on the counter. Group breakfast bowls, mugs and plates on the easiest to reach shelf. Some people set a breakfast table the evening before, but don’t feel obliged if that isn’t your style.

The other thing to do is make a quick list – is there anything you need to buy that’ll help you hit the ground running with less hassle?

Do you hate getting ready in the morning? Any top tips of your own for making it less of a drag?

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