Jump Start Jan: Declutter and Organise Day 7

declutter and organise week day 7

It’s the final day of our Declutter and Organise week (which means TENNER WEEK STARTS TOMORROW), and today we’re moving on to organise those accessories.

Tidying up your accessories is a lot more pleasant than many other declutters, mainly because accessories tend to be so good looking. It’s up to you how far you want to take your declutter, but it could include any or all of the following:

  • Scarves and wraps
  • Ties
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Belts
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Cufflinks
  • Purses and wallets
  • Bags

Don’t take on too much. If you’re busy, just pick one category from the list above. The aim is to have a manageable amount to do, but not so much that you can’t complete the job.

Before you start, think about the clothes you’re going to be wearing this season – and prioritise the accessories that go best with them.

Make sure today that once you’re finished, things for wintery weather are closest to hand, especially everyday items.

Now, on to the declutter:

  • Take the accessories out of where they’re being stored (don’t forget that some things might also have ended up on coat hooks, or in pockets or bags)
  • Clean the storage area (box, shelf, drawer etc)
  • Go through what you own and sort it into piles: ‘this season, keep’, ‘next season, store’, ‘mend/wash’, ‘throw away/recycle’, and ‘give away/donate’
  • If there are items that you’ve gone off or have never used, they’re just taking up space – get rid of them if they don’t go with the clothes in your wardrobe
  • It’s okay to keep family heirlooms, but if you don’t use them very often then move them somewhere they’ll be less in the way
  • Put your streamlined collection of accessories back where they live, changing their location if this makes it easier to get ready
  • Take out rubbish and recycling today, and list items for sale or take donations to charity by the end of the week
  • Do simple mending, washing and cleaning by the end of the week
  • If your declutter includes leather bags, belts or gloves, clean them with a small amount of leather feed, such as Collonil (follow the instructions carefully and do a patch test somewhere inconspicuous if necessary)
  • Take items for specialist mending or cleaning before the end of the month
  • Make a note of things that are missing, that you need to buy – including new accessories, and storage or organisers

Here’s a confession for you: I decluttered the entire contents of my wardrobe at the weekend, which included making a capsule wardrobe section for a few work clothes. It was epic. Much tea was drunk, and much space was made. I’ve also invested in a couple of these handy Lakeland accessories hangers, because adding structure seems to help to keep things organised.

So today I’ll be picking three scarves, three belts and three necklaces to put on each of those hangers. One hanger is for my working wardrobe, and the other is for more casual and colourful outfits. It’ll prevent things from languishing forgotten in boxes and drawers, and make getting ready much easier in the mornings. I’ll also be washing my scarves with delicates liquid to freshen them up after being in storage.

Finally, I made a quick and very short shopping list of things I still need. For starters, I don’t own any hats at the moment and the weather’s so cold I’ve decided to invest in a couple. I’m starting with a casual beanie, and maybe a warm scarf to go with it.

Offer for readers

If you’re looking for some warm winter scarves, wraps or hats, you can get a 15% discount at beyondBeanie until the end of this month using this code: Pennygolightly – a nice little treat for you. If you’re new to their site, they have all kinds of great colourful casual accessories, all ethically sourced and supporting schemes that help children in need.

Which accessories are you going to declutter? Make it easy for yourself to wrap up nice and warm!

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