Jump Start Jan: Declutter and Organise Day 6

declutter and organise week day 6

We’re now on to Day Six of our Declutter and Organise week activities, and we’re going to clean up something that you would expect to get cleaned up more often… We’re going to clean up the cleaning stuff, and get our cleaning products and equipment organised.

This is another simple declutter that should be quick to complete, so let’s just get on with it!

  1. Decide where your cleaning products and equipment should live (for example, it usually saves a lot of time and hassle if you keep bathroom cleaning stuff in or near the bathroom, as long as pets or kids aren’t going to get hold of it)
  2. Go to where your cleaning stuff is currently kept, and empty the area or areas
  3. Clean the empty shelf, cupboard, or corner
  4. Sort through your cleaning products – do you need all of them? Should some of them be disposed of or given away? If you’re not going to use it, get rid of it.
  5. Make a note of any new cleaning products you need to buy, if anything important is missing
  6. Sort through your cleaning equipment – does anything need to be washed, emptied, wiped down, repaired or replaced? Do any washing, emptying or wiping down now, and try to do simple repairs within the week. Add new purchases to a short term or long term shopping list, depending upon how expensive they are.
  7. Group together your cleaning products and equipment in the place (or places) that will be the most convenient for future cleaning sessions
  8. Put the most often-used items within the easiest reach (as long as it’s safe to do so – anything strong or corrosive should be stored carefully, and ideally below eye level)
  9. Add structure if it helps to group things together
  10. If you have time, put an emergency clean-up kit box together that you can grab quickly in case of spills and other mess

Most of our cleaning products are under the kitchen sink in this house, so that’s the area I’ll be working on today. I’m not going to sort out the whole house because I want to keep it manageable and easy to complete in one quick session.

Are your cleaning products and equipment in a bit of a mess? Today’s the perfect time to sort it out, ahead of any spring cleaning later in the year.

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