Jump Start Jan: Declutter and Organise Day 3

declutter and organise week day 3

Hi again, we’re now on to Day 3 of our Declutter and Organise week, and today is an organising and planning day. We’re going to set some broad intentions for 2016 by picking out a goal, theme or major event for each month.

Thinking ahead like this can be very motivating, and it feels good to have something to aim for and look forward to. You can use the exercise to break down one large goal into bite-sized chunks, or you can simply try something new every month to keep things interesting.

All you have to do today is have a think about what you’d like to get up to this year, and write it out and pin it somewhere that you’ll see it regularly.

If you already have a wall planner you can add it to that, or you can make something yourself. You can even turn it into a 12-part mood board if you’re feeling especially creative. Alternatively, keep it simple and write or print out 12 lines on a sheet of paper.

Here’s an example of a month by month planner:

  • January: Do a 30-day Jump Start
  • February: Publish book 1
  • March: Fitness month
  • April: Empty the Freezer challenge
  • May: Start evening classes
  • June: Have a weekend away
  • July: Redecorate 2 rooms
  • August: Go on holiday
  • September: Do 2nd 30-day Jump Start
  • October: Publish book 2
  • November: New business venture
  • December: Writing retreat

That’s quite a rough plan and I’ll be refining that later today, I’m sure. You’ll have your own ideas and choices.

All you have to do is make one note for each month. Remember not to overload yourself with too many things to do, and to keep it streamlined and uncluttered.

Now pin that list on a wall, pinboard, door, cupboard or fridge where it will give you a constant reminder.

What’s your month by month plan for 2016 going to be? What are you aiming for?

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