Jump Start Jan: Day 30 Join The Resistance

This is another look back at the whole of Jump Start January, but from a completely different angle. Yesterday we looked at what went well, what got good results, and what you think you could easily do more of. Today we’re going to look at the days and activities where you felt resistance.

Jump Start January 2014 Join la Resistance

Why? Because sometimes, the things that can help us the most are the things we are the most scared of. If it feels like you’re pulling teeth, just take a moment out and ask yourself why it feels like that. Some of the best things can start out feeling like chores.

Which days or weeks did you find the toughest? Here’s the full list of the daily activities if you need a reminder. Did you put anything off, or simply zone out? Was something so scary – like the thought of decluttering – that you shut it down before you even got started?

Maybe go back and have another go…

What’s happening here

I freely confess that I found the TV diet during Tenner Week incredibly restrictive. There was one evening where it made me feel really, really grumpy because when the weather’s bad and I can’t afford to go out, then television can be like a comfort blanket. Plus January is when there are lots of interesting new shows starting.

Anyway, I got over the grump, stayed away from the telly and had some time to think, read, and get stuff done. It was worth it in the end, and I’m feeling more energetic and interested in things now.

The other one I got stuck on was making an ‘action station’. The declutter was fine, because I’ve done it before, but there was something about getting the wall planner or calendar organised that threw me. After a bit of a think, I realised that I didn’t want it on constant display, so today I bought an organiser that fits inside a diary and that’s going to live in that area from now on, but be a little less in-your-face. Let’s hope it works…

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