Jump Start Jan: Day 29 Progress Report

Wow, we’ve made it through four themed weeks now, with a new thing to try every day. If you’ve followed the Jump Start this far then it’s time to give yourself a great big pat on the back. Today, let’s look at what went really well up to this point, and take a moment to think about the things you enjoyed doing the most.

piggy bank Jump Start January 2014 overview

For a quick recap, this was the running order of the last four weeks:

Personal Finance Week

Quality of Life Week

Tenner Week

Declutter and Organise Week

Think about the ideas and activities that you enjoyed the most, or that made the most obvious difference – do you want to start doing those more often? 

What’s happening here?

I’ve especially enjoyed getting out to free events, finding some interesting freebies, and spending my points and vouchers. The Tenner Week came at a good time to banish January skintness, and my finances are definitely in better shape for cutting back the general spending.

It was also good to feel like I was doing some early spring cleaning with the general decluttering, and I’ve managed to get myself a free eye test and a cracking deal on some lovely new specs as well. From now on I’m resolving to do one thing for my health at the start of every month – an alert’s going in the diary – otherwise I get distracted and simply forget.

Three questions for you

Which activities did you find the easiest to do?

Which ones did you enjoy most?

Which ones had the biggest positive impact on your everyday life?

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