Jump Start Jan: A look back at the month

Jump Start January Look Back and Reflect

Time to have a few moments of reflection to evaluate the daily activities of Jump Start January. Did you try any of them out for yourself?

I found each different week useful in its own unique way, and was glad of the changes of theme.

  1. Happiness Boosters Week: In general, it was good to have some practical reminders that many things that boost happiness and contentment are simple to do, and by and large they’re free. Some of the smallest actions can have quite strong effects, even if they might take a while to kick in. Taking exercise and focusing on small positive events were the activities that seemed to have the greatest effect during the week.
  2. Declutter and Organise Week: Made me feel lighter and more in control of my home. Clearing away old clutter made room for better things, and it was nice to be able to donate a few things to the charity shop. In particular it was a good feeling to clear up the sock drawer and my accessories, and I also took the opportunity to update my skincare routine and makeup bag for the season. It showed me that I need to make some more plans for 2016 too, because things go better when I have a plan and a few specific targets to aim for.
  3. Tenner Week January 2016: This turned out to be a very busy few days and a lot of things were different this time around. I’ll write about it in full tomorrow.
  4. Debt Busters & Savings Week: This partly overlapped with the wider Debt Awareness Week campaign, and if you’re having serious debt problems then here are some safe places to get debt help and support. Don’t struggle on alone if you’re suffering. It also reminded me that if you aren’t in debt, it’s important to look at budgets, savings and investments – and it’s shocked me into planning more for the future.

Did anything during Jump Start January catch your imagination? Did you feel like carrying on with a particular activity, or were you inspired to go on to start something new?

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