Jump Start Jan 2017: Tenner Week: Day 7

Tenner Week January 2017 Day 7 Penny Golightly

Okay, we’ve made it to the last day of this Tenner Week challenge – there’s only one activity left to try and it’s another freebie-filled goodie. It’s Keep in Touch Day, where we’re looking for all kinds of ways to keep our social lives going on a budget.

Since it’s the final day of the challenge, you might be running low on funds so let’s make most of this free and keep the rest very low cost.

A few ideas you could try today

  • Send friends or family a nice direct or private message via social media
  • Make a personal email more fun with a free ecard from Blue Mountain or Jimpix
  • If you already have some writing paper or craft materials and stamps, write and send a letter or handmade card to someone and stick it in the snail mail
  • Visit someone who lives nearby or invite them over to yours
  • Use free Skype-to-Skype, FaceTime or other VOIP for a video chat
  • Make an indoor picnic or special meal for your other half, turn off your mobile phones and have a proper conversation without interruptions
  • Use free minutes in your phone package for a chat with someone special
  • Go out to a free event with family or mates (check local listings)
  • Invite people you know to a Meetup or Facebook event
  • Meet up with friends for coffee and cake, or a pint

Make an effort to let friends and loved ones know that you’re thinking about them, and take it from there.

What’s happening here

Yesterday I went out for coffee in the afternoon, and somehow resisted the urge to have a macaron with it. They looked particularly drool-worthy but I wanted to save a little cash for today, so I could have a tiny treat if I fancied one. The coffee was £2.50 from an independent coffee shop (I’m sick of those big tax dodging chains), so that leaves me with £5.30 until the end of today.

I had an omelette and home made bread at lunch time, and made a vegetable casserole base for dinner. Beau had some defrosted turkey mixed into his casserole, and I had a small tuna steak with mine that had been lurking in the freezer since before Christmas. It all worked out pretty well, and it was reasonably healthy too.

After we’d eaten, we watched a recorded comedy show. It’s a half hour show that runs to 22 minutes if you blip out the ads, so that leaves me 62 minutes of telly for today if I fancy watching it. I’m convinced that too much telly leeches all the initiative out of me now and turns me into a total sofa sloth – every time I do a TV Diet I think more clearly, feel more creative and generally get loads more stuff done.

Wish me luck for Day Seven!

How are you going to keep in touch with people today, and stay sociable without spending too much money? Are you going to make it to the end of Tenner Week without spending more than £10?


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  1. Just bought some avocados, still have half of my 10 bucks. Was a good tenner week.

  2. Hi Patricia – well done for sticking to your budget! If there’s enough money left for a few avocados then you’re definitely doing something right 🙂 I’ll do a round up at the end of Week 4 about Tenner Week and the other weekly challenges as well. Congratulations, Penny x

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