Jump Start Jan 2017: Tenner Week: Day 6

Tenner Week January 2017 Day 6 Penny Golightly

We’ve made it as far as Day Six now for our Tenner Week challenge, and I hope you’re feeling happy and under budget if you’re joining in! Today’s activity is to get some free entertainment to enjoy during the day or over the weekend.

There’s so much to choose from to keep yourself entertained, for example:

  • Free books from your local library, or free eBook downloads from book retailers and freebie book sites
  • DVDs and Blu-Rays you already own, or have borrowed from a friend or neighbour
  • Audio and video podcasts: try iTunes, Stitcher, or the iOS Podcasts app
  • Free online games, or video games you haven’t finished playing
  • Make a playlist of your favourite music, or use a free version of a streaming service (you might have to listen to a few ads with the free version) or try the TuneIn Radio app for thousands of live or recorded radio shows
  • Look for free events nearby, for example there might be talks or book readings, free music gigs or recitals, free open mic comedy, or other free arts or community events – check with local papers, message boards, entertainment sites and your local council
  • Throw a games night where you play party games or old board games (guests bring the wine or beer!)
  • If you’re lucky, you might be able to wangle a free cinema or theatre ticket if the venue is giving out ‘comps’

And finally, if you aren’t doing the optional TV Diet for Tenner Week, there’s also Freeview television, or video streaming services you’re already signed up with for as many telly shows or films as you can watch.

PS: You can also try the Have a good laugh day ideas from last week for free comedy ideas.


What’s happening here

Yesterday night I headed over to Camden to see some live comedy, and met up with friends to see Simon Amstell performing some new material. The tickets were purchased last year, so I didn’t spend any of my Tenner Week money on them, and of course it’s important not to let these things go to waste. As I’d paid for the tickets, I let one friend buy me a snack before the show, and the other friend bought me a couple of drinks, instead of me asking for the money back. The net effect was a darned good night out, and no dent in my budget. Yay!

Tonight we’re staying in and having a quiet one, and I’m going to make us a casserole with lots of nice veggies and a bit of tuna that I found lurking at the bottom of a drawer in the freezer. I think we’ll have some music on and a glass of wine if I can find a casserole-friendly bottle in the cupboard.

What might you do today, and how’s your budget going so far?


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  1. Hello, I borrowed lots of books from the library as well as some latest film DVDs, so lots to see and enjoy for tonight. Love, Pat

  2. Hi Patricia, sounds like you’re all set for a nice cosy night in.

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