Jump Start Jan 2017: Tenner Week: Day 3

Tenner Week January 2017 Day 3 Penny Golightly

Hi again, it’s Day Three of our current Tenner Week live-on-£10 challenge and the activity today is free art, craft or DIY. You can use things you already own (effectively free if there’s no additional outlay), or try to pick up a freebie.

Once you’ve found your freebie, spend a little time doing some art, crafting, DIY or decorating. Relax and enjoy being creative, or fix up your home and feel nicely houseproud afterwards.

What could you try today?

  • Sewing projects, or mending or altering clothes
  • Knitting, crochet, embroidery
  • Sketching or painting
  • Colouring in (a book you already own, or a free printable)
  • Pottery, salt dough, papier mache, 3D collage or other 3D art
  • Fixing a latch, putting filler in gaps, sealing the edges of draughty windows, etc
  • Painting a room, a wall, or scuffed areas

You can use materials that you already have, or find a new freebie or two. For example:

  • Free samples of paint, pens, fabric or wallpaper scraps from suppliers
  • People giving away art, craft or decorating stuff on Freecycle or Freegle (you can browse what’s on offer, or put out a polite request)
  • Free printables for colouring in or paint by numbers
  • Painting and colouring apps
  • Free tutorials on YouTube, Vimeo, VideoJug etc for arts, crafts, DIY and decorating
  • Downloadable knitting or sewing patterns


What’s happening here

Yesterday was a busy one at work, but I managed to have a second no-spend day. That’s probably not going to happen again today because I need to run a few errands and pick up a couple of groceries.

I’m also doing the TV Diet this time around, and managed to avoid the telly all evening yesterday, replacing it with music and books. It’s a bit of a change from the usual hibernating on the sofa that’s rather nice in January, but it definitely helps to get the old grey matter going and it’s a strong reminder of how too much goggleboxing can make me feel inert and overly passive.

We ate well yesterday. I had leftover coconut chia pudding for breakfast, heated up with some bananas. Then I had homemade bread rolls and some leftover cheese from the Christmas cheese board for lunch. For dinner I did chargrilled halloumi and cous cous with a bag of roasted veggies from the freezer, and some olives and shredded greens from the fridge. Tasty and healthy.

While I was looking for freebie food and drink yesterday, I spotted that the O2 Priority App is going to be giving out free Caffe Nero coffee today – pick one up if you have the app. You can also have tea or hot chocolate, if you prefer.

What are you going to get up to today? Art, craft, decorating, fixing up your home, or something else?


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  1. Hi there,
    Today, will pick up a video on You tube regarding some Gluten-Free recipes. By the way, can you post your homemade bread rolls recipes…I have loads of flour to use up. Thanks, love, Pat

  2. I love the colouring in apps on my tablet – there are quite a few free ones which give a different picture every day to colour. It’s fun and very therapeutic, even as an adult, and you can share them online too. I’ll be doing one this evening as I’m also trying to avoid too much TV this week.

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