Jump Start Jan 2017: Tenner Week: Day 1

Tenner Week January 2017 Day 1 Penny Golightly

It’s time for us to have a brand new Tenner Week challenge, so let’s get ready to budget hard and live on £10 for the next seven days. Don’t worry, although it seems like it’s only a measly tenner, the theme this time around is freebies so that will help to make the money go further.

If you need a reminder of the Tenner Week rules they’re here. There’s also an optional TV Diet, which is great if you really want to get things done, make changes or maybe focus better on any New Year resolutions you might have chosen. If you want to do the TV Diet, all you have to do is restrict your telly intake to four hours over the course of the week.

Now, on to the schedule for our freebie-filled Tenner Week…

Tenner Week Schedule


Today’s activity

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the good things we already have, so today we’re going to directly remind ourselves about what we have. It’s time to shop in your own stash and make the most of things you already own.

PART ONE: What might you have that’s useful? Have a *VERY* good look around your home and through your stuff, for example you might find:

  • Food in your cupboards, fridge, freezer, fruit bowl, biscuit tin, and so on (write down a list and do a full ‘Sunday Stocktake’ – make a note of fresh things that need to be used up first)
  • Drinks, teas, coffees, fruit juice, water filter, wine etc
  • Cleaning products, DIY materials
  • Toiletries, bath stuff, fragrance, makeup
  • Unused Christmas gifts, birthday gifts etc
  • Unread books, magazines, music & audiobooks you haven’t listened to, etc
  • Tech, gadgets, tablet, camera, etc
  • Clothes and accessories you haven’t worn for a while (or at all)
  • Anything you keep for ‘best’ and barely use
  • Bikes, car, petrol
  • Fitness or sports equipment
  • Memberships to gym, leisure centre, clubs, streaming services you already have
  • Courses you’ve already paid for
  • Art, craft or decorating materials
  • Supermarket points, loyalty points, gift vouchers

PART TWO: Once you’ve made your list, make a menu for the day and make sure that you prioritise using up some of your fresh food that would otherwise go off. There’s more about food in tomorrow’s activity, so don’t worry about that for today.

Have you rediscovered anything in your stash of goodies that you’d forgotten about?


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  1. Ooo, that’s a lot for a Sunday! I will stocktake the food and work through the rest later.

  2. I did the stocktake while ago so I know exactly where I stand. The menu is done since ages as I am doing a yearly planning menus. What I am doing at the moment is an Empty the Storecupboard Challenge because I have a real too much that need to be used up. This will last for months….Love, Pat

  3. Hi Jackie – you just need a quick glance around for anything that’s not food and drink, just to jog your memory.

    Hello Patricia – wow, you are super organised with your menus! I think I need to do an Empty The Fridge in the next week or two…don’t think I’ve properly done one of those before but there’s still stuff from Christmas that’s safe to eat.

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