Jump Start Jan 2016: Tenner Week Day 5

Tenner Week Penny Golightly Jan 2016 Day 5

It’s Day 5 now of this Tenner Week challenge, and today we’re going to lighten up and be a bit silly, or giddy, or arty. It’s time for a play day. Don’t tell me you’re too grown up and serious, it’s good for you.

Being playful is something that can become drummed out of us, but it’s still there in our natures somewhere. It also doesn’t have to cost much, and much of it is free anyway.

Give yourself at least half an hour today to get creative or do something lighthearted.

Some quick ideas:

  • Do some colouring in
  • Make a mood board
  • Start a sewing project
  • Do some sketching or painting
  • Do a YouTube tutorial for beginners
  • Make a snowman or throw a snowball
  • Hang out with people who make you laugh
  • Use a free photo editing app
  • Try free online games or games apps
  • Do a word puzzle
  • Write a rude limerick (There once was a gal called Golightly, Who clung to the purse strings so tightly, etc etc…)
  • Make squidgy chocolate brownies, or rice crispy cakes
  • Play air guitar
  • Dance around the living room

Anyway, I’m sure you can come up with something of your own as well, but those are a few ideas to get you started.

What’s happening here

Hmm, probably going to have to finish that limerick, innit? How smutty can we make that one? Hmm….

Yesterday we had baked aubergine for dinner, topped with the leftover ragu from Sunday. Tasted even better the next day. We were given a cake at the weekend (how nice is that?) which was delicious so I’ve had a slice or two of that between the healthy stuff as well. I also mended a coat in front of a TV show, so that was my Mend It Monday activity done.

Tonight I’m doing baked salmon with fish steaks from the freezer, and a hot salad (green beans, shredded carrot, beetroot, horseradish dressing). It’s going to be epic.

Total TV watched so far: 2 hours and 35 minutes

Total spent yesterday: £0.00

Total spent so far: £6.95

What are you going to get up to today? How’s your budget looking?

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