Jump Start Jan 2016: Tenner Week Day 4

Tenner Week Penny Golightly Jan 2016 Day 4

Day 4 of our current Tenner Week £10 budgeting challenge is Mend It Monday. Time for some old fashioned thrifty money-saving stuff…

Let’s get mending!

All you have to do today is mend something around your home. Most of us have something that needs fixing up, for example:

  • Sew a button back onto a coat
  • Darn a jumper
  • Fix a hem
  • Re-hang some curtain hooks
  • Polyfilla a crack or chip
  • Glue some potter or china back together
  • Re-stick some wallpaper
  • Sand down some rough edges
  • …and so on

If there’s nothing to mend, do some maintenance or altering of whatever you own. You could try:

  • Taking up trousers
  • Polishing or suede/fabric protecting shoes or boots
  • Descaling the kettle
  • Clearing a plughole
  • Cleaning the kitchen or bathroom
  • Feeding/watering indoor plants

Set a timer if you feel like you’re procrastinating. Whatever it takes, get that task completed – especially if it’s something you’ve been putting off.

What’s happening here

Today is my day for sewing buttons back onto things. I think I’m going to do that in front of a TV show after I’ve had my dinner later. If there’s time, I might also glue a piece of diamante back into some costume jewellery. I miss having that necklace to wear, so now’s a good time to bring it back to life.

Total TV watched so far: 1 hour, 48 minutes.

Total spent yesterday: £0.00 (I really did manage a zero spend day after all)

Total spent so far: £6.95

How’s your budget stretching this week? What are you going to mend today?


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