Jump Start Jan 2016: Tenner Week Day 3

Tenner Week Penny Golightly Jan 2016 Day 3

As promised in this week’s schedule, our Day 3 of this Tenner Week is a no-spend day.

The aim is simply to avoid spending any money from your £10 personal budget. At this point in the week, hopefully you still have enough food stores to make meals from, and you haven’t made any expensive plans.

What you do with your day is completely up to you, but you could do some freebie-hunting, or look for some free and fun activities to try out.

If you aren’t doing the TV Diet, you could sort out some comfort food and a movie marathon. If you’re rationing your television watching then catching up on your reading and listening to music are probably better instead.

What’s happening here

The weather’s going to be bad where I live today, but I’m going to go out for a walk once the snow stops. I’m also planning on doing some writing and blogging, and doing some chores around the house. Might treat myself to an hour of telly as well.

Yesterday we were out for most of the day and I bought Beau lunch. In return he bought me a bite of dinner (small plate stuff). I spent a total of £6.95. We also grabbed a freebie carton of soup from the supermarket which is going to be my lunch on Monday.

He had tickets for two free film screenings, and we also went around the National Portrait Gallery and looked at three of their free exhibitions, and went to the free Lumiere show. A really good day out, where all the entertainment was free.

Total TV watched so far: 60 minutes

Total spent so far: £6.95

How are you getting on? Is your budget stretching out okay?

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