Here at we’ve published a 30-day challenge book to help you get your personal finances under control and generally have a better lifestyle. It’s called The Jump Start Journal: One small action every day to improve your personal finances and quality of life. If you’d like a copy, it’s available to download from the Amazon store right now.

The Jump Start Journal by Penny Golightly cover

It’s a bestseller too! The Jump Start book entered the Personal Finance Bestsellers top ten downloads list on Amazon on its first day of sale, then made it to #5 on the bestsellers list the following day.

Jump Start is a tried and tested way to make a noticeable improvement in your life. We held the first challenge here on the site in January 2012, and have held a new one in January every year since then. There have also been other Jump Start challenges at different times of the year – it’s not just about Jump Start January.

If you haven’t seen or joined in with Jump Start before, it’s a simple method for creating change, broken down into easy-to-follow steps. All you need to do is commit to putting aside a few minutes every day for a month to try the short daily tasks and activities. For the latest related happenings on the site, you might like to visit the Jump Start section on here.


It’s a great way to get out of a rut, make important changes, and boost your self-confidence.


The Jump Start Journal is inspired by the best bits of the Jump Start challenges, and expands on them in a lot more detail. It can be used in any given month too – not just January – so you can use it for a speedy spring clean, to get back to normal after a summer holiday overspend, to get ready for party season, or just any time you want to shake things up.

What’s in the Jump Start Journal?

The book contains an entire month-long Jump Start programme, plus loads of extra new ideas, tips and resources. There’s a new theme every week to keep things varied and interesting, helping you to make a fresh start on any money problems, have more cash in your pocket, get fitter and healthier, declutter your home and feel more organised and in control.

All the tasks in the book are designed to be flexible, to fit around your busy lifestyle. Missing a day or two here and there won’t block your general progress or make you feel like you’ve messed it up – you simply can catch up at the weekend if that’s best for you.

Also, you can personalise your Jump Start. While the daily suggestions are created to help a broad range of people, you’re free to pick some of your own tasks to fit around any other personal long or short-term goals, if you’d prefer.

If you’d like a copy of The Jump Start Journal you can buy it at Amazon. Kindle owners can download it immediately to their devices, but you don’t need to buy/own a Kindle to read it. There’s free (trustworthy) software here that lets you read The Jump Start Journal: One small action every day to improve your personal finances and quality of life on your PC, mac, laptop, tablet, netbook or smartphone.


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