Jump Start Aug: Tenner Week: Day 6

tenner week freebie giveaway promotion free stuff foragingWell hello there. It is Day Six of our latest Tenner Week, and today’s activity is this: bag yourself a freebie of some sort. Anything that’s completely free, with no postage fees or the need to swap anything etc, just being given away.

It’s interesting how much stuff you can actually get for free. For example, in a crowded marketplace, manufacturers regularly launch their new products by giving out free samples. In a throwaway consumer society you can also find perfectly good things being given away free because they’ve ‘had their moment’, and so on.

How could you find your freebie today? Here are a few ideas:

  • Look out for train station promotions on the way to and from work
  • See what’s up for grabs in a nearby shopping centre
  • Try some free samples in your local deli
  • Ask around if anyone’s doing a home or wardrobe makeover
  • Free sweets at the reception desk
  • Perks with loyalty cards: supermarkets, beauty cards etc
  • Beauty and toiletries samples from brand websites
  • Freebie websites
  • Follow me on Twitter for extra freebies throughout the day
  • Foraging for fruit and other edibles

If you are thinking about foraging, here’s a handy list of seasonal and wild food in August. I’d also suggest not picking any mushrooms unless you’re a bit of an expert at identification – but there’s plenty of other lovely things to pick.

I’m going to go out and pick some wild blackberries in my local neighbourhood later. There are loads of them this year, plenty for everyone to have some (it’s always nice to leave enough behind for other people, if you can).

Yesterday was another no-spend day, and a no-TV day too. I’m saving my last 55 minutes for tonight, when I’m going to treat myself to an episode of the Great British Bakeoff – hopefully with a pear, almond and blackberry crumble in hand.¬†For the main course I’m doing pasta with home grown plum tomatoes, chillies, onions and sweet peppers, and a big green salad on the side. Should be tasty. Well, you can’t sit in front of the Bakeoff with a rubbish dinner, can you?

Meanwhile, we’re running out of useful things like milk and washing up liquid, so let’s see how much can be eked out…

How’s your week going so far?

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