Jump Start Aug: Tenner Week: Day 5

tenner week join in get involved community volunteerDay Five of Tenner Week already – the time seems to by flying by this week. Today’s task is to get involved: join a group, contribute something to your local community or do some volunteering. It’s up to you whether you do something as a one-off or decide to make a more regular commitment.

The idea is to try something new, and either learn or experience new things, or help others in some way. For example you could:

  • Find a career related group on LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Try something for fun on Meetup
  • Join a book group
  • Sign up for some volunteering
  • Pick a good cause and do something sponsored
  • Help with local environmental work
  • Look out for local community events

I’m going to see if there are any food/grow your own projects nearby that could use a spare pair of hands at some point this month. I’ve done a few of these over the years, and always end up meeting great people, so that’s something to look forward to.

Yesterday we went out to a free event: the annual Portrait Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It was a really interesting collection of different and very diverse styles of painting, so if you’re nearby and like art then that’s a good one to visit.

I also used up another hour of my TV allowance, making the mistake of watching the final episode of Southcliffe. Wow, they really dropped the ball with that one – the main problem seemed to be the quality of the dialogue and characters behaving inconsistently. Perhaps the first three episodes were saved by good editing? Who knows. Anyway, I want that hour back.

Total TV watched to date: 3 hours, 5 minutes.

Managed to have another no-spend day, living off garden salads and stuff in the fridge. I also made a couple of loaves of sourdough bread, and we had a chunk of the walnut loaf with our evening meal.

Total spent so far: £2.09.

How are you getting on?

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