Jump Start Aug: Holiday Money Week: Day 5

claim a refund Jump Start Penny GolightlyThe Holiday Money week is rolling along nicely now – have you made, found or saved anything? Today we are looking at another way to claim back anything that’s rightfully yours by getting a refund.

Are you due for a refund for anything? You are probably owed something or other, for example:

  • Goods that have failed in some way (within warranty or reasonable timeframe), or are not fit for purpose
  • An ‘or your money back’ guarantee that’s rightfully due to you
  • Disappointing service (poor customer care or actual failed service provision)
  • Very late trains or other public transport, under some schemes
  • An unused portion of a cancelled subscription, if allowed under the terms & conditions
  • Overpaid utilities bills, money taken automatically by standing order

Keep your refund requests short, direct, factually correct and polite. For larger sums of money, it’s also worth putting it in writing and keeping copies of your own – it’s too easy for emails to go astray or call centre staff to not have the authority to action the refund.

If that fails, take your complaint or claim (in writing, again being concise and polite) to the CEO of the company. Their name and contact details should be in the public domain. This second complaint often works a treat if you’ve had no luck with the first one.

Are you due a refund or two?

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