Jump Start Aug: Holiday Money Week: Day 3

use up my points Jump Start Penny GolightlyThe August Jump Start is on. Today’s task is to track down any virtual vouchers, points or lost funds that you might have, and make good use of them. It’s easy to forget things like online store credit – bet you have some due to you if you check your email or store accounts.

It’s yours, so get it back!

Think about where this might be hiding away, forgotten. For example there could be:

  • A savings account you no longer use with a few pounds left in it, maybe a belated interest payment.
  • Points on a storecard: department store, high street chemist, supermarket.
  • E-giftcards: Amazon, bookshops, gift shops etc.
  • A no-minimum-spend promotional voucher in a store email.
  • Refunded money in your store or Paypal account.
  • Cleared cashback funds from your credit card, phone contract offer or bonus club.

These are just a few ideas. Please let us know if you come up with any others, it’d be great to hear about them.

Then reclaim your cash and bank it, or put your store credit towards your holiday reading, suncream and new flip flops.

I’ve found nearly £25 in forgotten cashback, £5 in a savings account the provider didn’t completely close when I switched it (even though I asked them to), £1 on my Superdrug card and a £12 PayPal refund.

How are you getting on?


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