Jump Start Aug: Holiday Money Week: Day 2

spare change Jump Start Penny GolightlyThe Jump Start continues with another small daily task. This week we’re getting a bit of holiday money together, and Day 2 is again partly about having a small declutter while we find some coins, notes and no-spend-necessary gift vouchers.

It’s nice and simple, just have a quick whip around your home, place of work etc, and find whatever you can. Pool it all together once you’re finished, and you might be surprised at exactly how much there is. It’s easy to forget about the dribs and drabs but they do all add up.

Look for anything physical you can spend, such as coins, notes, paper gift vouchers and gift cards. You might find them:

  • On the hall table
  • In an office desk drawer
  • On a shelf, maybe in a forgotten pot or box
  • Coat or jacket pocket
  • At the bottom or a work or going out bag
  • Bedside table or sock drawer
  • On the mantelpiece
  • On a pinboard
  • Stuck to the fridge
  • And the classic: down the back of the sofa

Gather them up and count them out. I found £30 in forgotten high street vouchers and just over £2 in change, which is not bad for less than 15 minutes of looking. The gift vouchers can be put towards holiday purchases such as sunglasses and travel goods, so that’s perfect.

Good luck!

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  1. Such a simple tip, but I always find something I’ve forgotten about! xxx

  2. It’s funny what gets away, isn’t it? Especially things that you put in a really safe place that’s so safe that you can’t actually remember where it is…

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