Jump Start Aug: Healthy Week: Day 7

Healthy week troubleshoot health fitness problemsThis month has flown by! I can hardly believe it’s the last day of the last week of this Jump Start for August. Today is something that’s going to round off your Healthy Week just right – let’s do some troubleshooting.

We all have room for improvement somewhere when it comes to our general health, and if there’s something urgent or something chronic then chances are you’ll know what it is. It could even be something minor or niggling that you’ve been putting off tackling for ages.

It’s up to you to decide which activity is best for you today, but pick one and stick to it. Make it something that you can take action on right now. For example:

  • Draw up a fitness plan for next week
  • Make an appointment for a health check / screening
  • Make a healthy eating menu
  • Arrange a repeat prescription
  • Book an eye test (look out for free ones/vouchers)
  • Pick up an over-the-counter treatment
  • Book in for some physio
  • Get some new trainers / sports gear in the sales
  • Go to a drop-in clinic

There’s a new sports centre just opened near where I live, so my task for today is to go and pick up one of their timetables during my lunch break.

What are you going to get up to?


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