Join us for Jump Start January!

January 2014 is going to be a Jump Start month – a different small activity every day to add up to a big change by the end of the month. It’s less daunting than setting year-long resolutions, and the variety means that you’re less likely to get bored and lose focus too.

Jump Start January JSJan 2014

If you’d like to join in, there’s a new theme each week. This time around it’s:

  • Week 1: Weds 1st Jan – Tues 7th Jan – Personal Finance Week
  • Week 2: Weds 8th Jan – Tues 14th Jan – Quality of Life Week
  • Week 3: Weds 15th Jan – Tues 21st Jan – Tenner Week
  • Week 4: Weds 22nd Jan – Tues 28th Jan – Get Organised Week
  • Week 5: Weds 29th Jan – Fri 31st Jan – What Next?

Most of the tasks only take a few minutes to complete, so don’t worry if you miss a few days here and there. It won’t block your progress because you can simply catch up at the weekend, or another time when you’re less busy, such as a quiet weekday evening.



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