JĀSÖN Smoothing coconut body wash review

Jason smoothing coconut body wash review

This week’s Treat Under a Tenner is a bumper-sized shower time treat for parched, dry skin: JĀSÖN smoothing coconut body wash, all 887ml of it.

Yes, that’s not a typo. It comes in a great big 30 fluid ounce pump bottle, and one of these will last and last. And last.

It’s a highly moisturising wash so it’s more suited to dry skin types, and contains no mineral oils, SLS, parabens or pthalates, plus the company has a no animal testing policy. The main cleansing agent in it it derived from coconut and is very mild indeed, giving a really gentle wash that’s creamy rather than foamy.

This shower gel also contains fruit oils, organic virgin coconut oil and a little shea butter. They’re nicely moisturising, and it has the added bonus of smelling an awful lot like a pina colada cocktail without being full of harsh artificial fragrances – so you can pretend you’re hanging out on a beach somewhere instead of getting ready for work in the morning.

The creamy body wash also doubles up quite well as a shaving cream if you’re shaving your legs, and I haven’t found it to be at all irritating to my sensitive skin.

The UK RRP of JĀSÖN smoothing coconut body wash is £9.99, and don’t forget you get nearly a litre of the stuff in the bottle. If you like pina coladas….This body wash is available at health food shops such as Whole Foods, and it’s currently in the ‘3 for the price of 2’ offer at Feel Unique (the brand’s Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and SPF products always get rave reviews).

Do you wish other brands would make bigger bottles of shower gels like this? I think it’s excellent value for money.

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