January self-care challenge, Day 2: Make your list

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We’re on to Day Two of the self-care Tenner Week challenge – how are you getting on?

Today’s activity is ‘make your list‘, where you have the chance to look at what self care and ‘life laundry’ means to you. What would make your life feel easier? Better? Happier? Healthier? More relaxed? Also, what’s a current pain in the backside that could maybe get sorted out?

We’re going to make a list of five small, easy things, followed by a list of five more complex and more meaningful things that involve more time, effort or resources.

Start by making a quick wish list of a few little things you could do for yourself in the next couple of weeks, ideally things that are free or cost less than £20. Write several ideas down speedily and don’t overthink it. What would quickly make you feel:

  • calmer / more relaxed
  • happier
  • pampered
  • healthier
  • organised
  • inspired
  • cosier
  • comfortable
  • more rested

This could be anything from planning an activity or making a small purchase. For example, I’ve chosen to dig out a new notebook, walk in nature, tidy my wardrobe, have an early night, and buy a new face mask.

Pick out five easy things from your list that you could do in the next couple of weeks, then move on to the second half of the list. These are the ‘big things’ in self care.

Again, work quickly and think about things that would make your life better, ideally things where you have most of the input. What long term processes and projects would make you feel:

  • energised
  • fulfilled
  • excited
  • proud
  • at your best
  • balanced

It could be anything from getting a new job to getting fit, saving up for something, making plans, starting a new hobby, creating something, learning a skill, starting a new business, getting greener, joining a cause, removing an obstacle, or deciding where to go on holiday next year.

Pick your five best ideas for the bigger projects in self care, and set aside an hour next week to think about how you could make at least one of them come alive this year, even if it’s taking the first few baby steps.


What’s happening here

Yesterday was a bit of a low-grade disaster. We ran out of bread at lunchtime – cue the most rushed homemade loaf ever being started off shortly afterwards – then some builders turned up a week earlier than expected and ate all the biscuits and finished nearly all the remaining milk off in their teas. No regrets there, I still think it’s a good idea to keep the builders sweet and make them feel welcome, but there was only enough left for a tiny cup of tea in the morning today. Off to the shops already on Day Two we go. Gah!

The veg box had two cabbages in it which has never happened before, so it looks like there’s a lot of cabbage on the menu for the next few days. I’ve planned all our meals for the rest of the week and we’ll be eating a lot of Christmas leftovers from the freezer by the looks of it, as well as experiencing some kind of cabbageageddon. How many brassicas can a girl safely get through in one week? I guess we’re about to find out.

For yesterday’s ‘hydration stations’ activity I remembered to have a glass of water with my breakfast, and dug out a water bottle to keep on the home office desk. I even found a can of Eucerin Hyaluron spray (I only normally use it in the summer when it’s scorchio) and misted myself a couple of times, which felt very extra and overly fancy indeed but was actually lovely and sooothing.

It’s also Burns Night. Normally we go out for a meal or invite people over to dinner, but, you know, pandemic, plus loads of people we know are ill right now, so we’re having a quieter meal at home. I bought a MacSween vegan haggis a few days ago, and we’ll be having that later with ‘neeps (mashed swede), tatties (potato), kale, gravy, and single malt whisky on the side. There might be poetry. There will definitely be some kind of improvised cranachan with frozen raspberries, honey and toasted oats for dessert because apparently that’s the law or whatever. Hey, don’t ask me, I don’t make the Scots dinner rules.


See you again tomorrow, when it’ll be time to make life more… streamlined. Think I’ll need it after all that.


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  1. Dear Penny, I am in. Sorry a bit late in my following. What a great feeling to have something to do every day. Love, PAt

  2. Hiya Pat, nice to see you joining in and hope you enjoy your week. Penny x

  3. Dear Penny, here are some results as part of day 2 challenge : I decided to be more organised and using what I have at its best. In order to achieve that one step at the time, I reorganized my cooking books. I realized also that I want to improve my breakfast daily routine by introducing more funny and creative new recipes. Everyday fruits and muesli needs some changes. I flipped through my cooking books and found out very interesting ones like omelette, salted muffins, red berries soup, homemade yogurt, various homemade breads, crepes and waffles, seasonal jams with garden fruits. I am definitely motivated to do a breakfast Monday menu plan for the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck. Love Pat

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