January self-care challenge, Day 1: Hydration stations

Day 1 Hydration watering can

It’s Day One of the January 2022 Tenner Week challenge, with a budget to stick to and a self care theme.

Well, Mondays can be tough can’t they? Especially if it’s cold, dark, and payday is still a while away, so it’s a very easy one today. All you have to do is top up your hydration levels and drink at least one glass of water more than usual.

The tap water is safe to drink in the UK (although I’d stay away from the rivers lately), so you don’t need to go out and buy any, but if you already own a water filter then feel free to use that if you want to. You could also take a filled water bottle or flask out with you today, or keep one by your desk if you’re working from home, just to make it even easier.

If you want to have more of a challenge today, you could get outside for a short walk too. You could also use some hydrating skincare such as a body lotion, face mask or serum to combat the drying effects of the weather and central heating – nothing wrong with a bit of pampering today, because that definitely counts as self care as well. Oh yes.


What’s happening here

I’ll be filling a water bottle and keeping it with me through the working day and an online evening exercise class. Plus, if I remember, I’ll use some hyaluronic acid serum in the morning and evening just to be hydrated on the outside as well as the inside. That counts as pampering around here on a Monday, for sure.

We’re having some random vegetables delivered later today, so I’ll find out what those are when they arrive and then create a menu for the week. That’s going to include whatever’s lurking inside the fridge, plus some store cupboard essentials and various ingredients from the freezer.

The other thing I’m trying to do is have a no-spend day, apart from the veg box and the class. The basics are covered, and hopefully there’ll be no need to nip out to the shops.


That’s it for today. Good luck if you’re joining in this week, and see you back here tomorrow.



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  1. Dear Penny, this is a hard challenge. I reckon I don’t drink that much water. So, I decided to start by preparing a full teapot to encourage me to drink more during the day. I know, this is cheating. But the final idea, is to progressively replace the tea by water. Furthermore, I dug out some coconut oil and monoi based night cream for hydration. Should organize my bathroom cabinet some, so many unused products are waiting.

  2. Hi Patricia, I’m pretty sure weak tea or herbal tea still counts as a hydrating drink, so you probably don’t need to worry too much. I know what you mean about unused products in the bathroom cabinet – I tidied mine up last week and had to put the summer stuff away separately because it was getting in the way so much.

  3. Hi Penny,
    This was an easy one for me – I drink gallons of water every day at my desk (well, maybe not gallons but quite a lot!). It gives me an excuse to get up from my chair and walk to the fridge or water machine if I’m in the office.

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