January 2023 capsule wardrobe outfit ideas

The capsule wardrobe I’ve picked out this month is making it so much easier to get dressed in the cold, dark mornings, and it means I need fewer items so it also saves me some cash. It’s hassle-free, I can style up some excellent looks, and it’s cost-effective too – what’s not to love?

If you don’t feel completely confident making outfits from a capsule wardrobe then I promise it’s much easier than you think to get mixing and matching. Every item I picked out for this 20-piece January 2023 collection is listed here and here, so you can see where everything came from.

The five tops and the five trousers/skirts can be put together in 25 basic combinations, and you should be able to make at least two different outfits from each of those combos.

Let’s have a go at putting together a working week’s worth of clothes, starting by picking out five randomly chosen sets of blouses/jumpers and trousers/skirts.


OUTFIT 1: Green jumper + tailored indigo jeans

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit 1 with options

First out of the wardrobe we have the green jumper and the dark blue tailored wide leg jeans.

A choice of urban vs out of town looks here. I decided to style one look up for an urban/big city day, with black chunky boots and a worker jacket. The other look is softer and more boho using a pretty floral scarf, and it’s something you might wear for a weekend by the sea with a big warm coat over it.


OUTFIT 2: Cream striped top + black straight leg jeans

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit 2 with options

The next top and trouser combination chosen at random is the striped trophy jumper and a bargain-priced pair of black straight leg jeans.

Alternatively styled here to be either comfort-led or fashion-forward. One the left we have a look that’s sleek and sporty, with white lace-ups and a geometric print scarf, just right for running a few errands. On the left we change the monochrome mood to something a little more chic with a cross-body messenger bag and oversized jacket. Which one’s your favourite of the two?


OUTFIT 3: Coral jumper + brown utility trousers

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit 3 with options

Our third basic combination is the coral jumper with the brown utility trousers.

I’ve styled two looks here based on different weather conditions. On the left is a simple outfit for a slightly warmer day with a worker/utility jacket. On the right we have warmer layers, including a taupe check scarf and chunky cardigan, and I’d also wear chunky socks with the trainers.


OUTFIT 4: Black jumper + animal print co-ord skirt

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit 4 with options

Next up we have the black crew neck jumper and the pretty animal print co-ord midi skirt.

For this pair of different stylings we’re playing with the shade levels a little, changing from light to dark. In look one we have a lighter boot with a chunky heel plus a taupe scarf to bring out the paler shades in the patterned skirt. The second version is darker, with the geometric scarf and black boots.


OUTFIT 5: Animal print co-ord blouse + denim skirt

Winter capsule wardrobe outfit 5 with options

Although the final available basic combination is essentially what’s left over at the end of the week, the animal print co-ord blouse and denim midi skirt still look good paired up. It’s a bit like the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo we all know and love.

We’re playing with the warmth levels here again. On the left we have a scarf and a chunky knitted cardigan, and I’d also include some woolly tights for extra warmth. On the right we have a pared back and relaxed ladylike outfit that’s more suitable for the Spring as the weather hopefully improves.


This is the last of the three January 2023 capsule wardrobe articles, but if you’d like to know more about easy ways to create your own version of one then my Capsule Wardrobe Rules are here.

Do you have a favourite outfit shown here? How would you style these clothes and accessories yourself?


Winter to Spring Penny Golightly capsule wardrobe early 2023 square collage

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