It’s Remember a Charity in Your Will Week

how to leave money to a charity in your will

Had you ever thought about leaving money to a charity in your will? Legacy giving is not particularly widespread in the UK, but it helps to keep many charities afloat and this week sees an awareness drive for it.

If you’d like to leave a gift to a charity after you’ve gone, it’s easy to add this to a will /new will. Remember to include the full official name of the charity, their address, and their official charity number and give this to your official advisor (your solicitor, etc).

If you have an existing will and don’t want to write a new will, you can also add a gift to a charity by creating a Codicil. This is a legal document that amends or adds to the existing will.

There’s additional information about the process at Remember A Charity.

Remember a Charity also have links and information for over 140 registered charities. While not an exhaustive list, it might be a source of inspiration.

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