It’s fiver week – bring it on

One of my clients has forgotten to pay me for a three-month job, which is not an ideal situation, but at least it is just that they’ve genuinely forgotten. I know they’re good for it, but it will now take even longer to get paid and I don’t want to do anything silly financially while I’m waiting.

With that in mind, this is a really good week to have as a ‘fiver week’ – I’m not going to spend more than £5 in total over the next seven days on anything non-essential (i.e. anything that’s not a standing order or an urgent bill). There’s no point calling it a no-spend week as something always crops up and there’s no point setting yourself up for failure. A fiver it is.

It’s a good week to do this for a number of reasons. There are no birthdays coming up among the nearest and dearest, there’s a fridge and garden already full of good food, there’s credit on my Oyster card, there are plenty of unread books and unwatched DVDs to catch up on, and the social events I’ve planned are all either free or have been paid for in advance.

On top of this, I need to stay in for a few evenings to catch up on things with writing projects, and general planning and organising. It’s not bad timing at all.

Am guessing that the £5 is going to go on tea or beer, but let’s wait and see. I’m also hoping that some booze karma comes my way: not being the sort of person who hides in the ladies’ loos when it’s my round in the pub, my fingers are crossed for the universe to return the favour.

So, if you see me while I’m out and about, mine’s a pint.

Penny x

Does anyone else plan no-spend days, or low-spend weeks? How do you usually get on, and do you have any bright ideas you’d like to share?

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  1. ooooh penny, I’m always having to have no spend days at the end of the month, mainly cos I end up using my entire pay packet on going out! I’m very careful not to go into overdraft with the bank though, there’s nothing worse than those goddammed charges for going 5p into the red!!!!
    I just do what you do – stay in, stick on a dvd and treat myself to a bit of a manicure. Nothing beats a bit of cuticle buffin’ when there’s no pennies in the purse!!! There’s always some old nail polish kicking around in the drawer just waiting to be put to good use too.
    Of course the other thing you can do is just find a rich boyfriend… but I’m still working on that one!!! LOL 🙂 xxx

  2. Hi Jackie – I know what you mean about the overdraft charges, no way am I paying that. I like the idea about the manicure too, especially as I have to be careful not to get gardener hands…

  3. Great post. My life is all about the fiver-weeks lately (I too am waiting on a plethora of overdue payments – although they will go on rent when they finally come to me!) I don’t go out often these days, but I’ve picked up a few tips to cut back costs on socialising.

    *Drinking diet coke (or even iced water with lime!) at the bar instead of alcohol not only cuts out the costs, but I feel better when I do, and I still get to sip a cold drink with everyone else. And don’t do rounds. Just explain you’re having a fiver week!

    *Moneysavingexpert’s meal deals (two for one or variations of it) are brilliant if there is an occasion to go out for dinner. Without drinks, a meal for two at, say Pizza Express, can cost as little as a fiver each.

    *Picnics are the cheapest way to get together with friends at the weekend – a fiver can go a long way for snacky foods & drink – and better yet, they can last all day long. 🙂


  4. Hi Claire – lots of nice ideas there, although I’m going to try to avoid eating out this week as it will take the whole £5 in one go. Packed lunches, packed early dinners and home cooking hopefully 🙂

    The most difficult thing will be walking away from all of the bargains that I find for other people. *gulp*

  5. If I’m in the mood for retail therapy but can’t shop, I “swish” online. Got some Reiss shorts last week, in exchange for a top I never wore. Just cost me £1.80 in postage. 😉

  6. Summer’s best for this – no cold weather, no excuse for cosying up to a shop-bought coffee… I keep cereal bars or fruit in your handbag to stave off snack gremlins, go out without cash or cards whenever I can, and line up plenty of stay-at-home dinner dates for the weekend. And whatever you do… Don’t go on the eBay vintage handbag pages. x

  7. Hi Ellie, all fab ideas, thank you. Am finding it hard to stay out of the shops because I love telling people about the sales and other bargains and offers – must be strong…

  8. Dear Ellie,
    Keep practising because when you’re a pensioner you’ll be well practised at this – you have to be! “Old hand” tips include take up walking, gardening,join a barter scheme, car-sharing esp. in remote rural areas when petrol hits 130, & loads more – love from the rural poor, P

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