It’s Debt Day – Debt awareness from StepChange charity

debtday StepChange debt charity awareness 18 January 2016

It’s Debt Day today – the day that debt charities such as StepChange expect to be inundated with new requests for help and information.

Many of us are struggling financially, and it’s often during the weeks after Christmas and New Year that people realise that their money problems are serious.

Today, StepChange debt charity estimate that they will have their busiest day of the year, with over 20,000 phone and website requests for help. The total debt load they’ll be contacted about during this 24-hour period will be about £50million.

Around 21 million people in the UK are currently thought to be struggling with bills, and 2.6 million have a severe debt problem. Very little of this is to do with overspending or living beyond their means.

You may not be struggling with debt yourself, but it’s almost certain that some your family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues will be. It only takes 30 seconds to change their life: that’s how long it takes to spread the word about debt advice.

That’s why I’ve joined in with the StepChange Thunderclap campaign, to help get their #DebtDay hashtag noticed on social media. If you’re reading this before 8.30am today you might like to join in too.

Otherwise, please consider retweeting or giving a Facebook share to any mentions of the #DebtDay hashtag, and be open to talking about debt and truly free (charity) debt help.

Let’s talk about debt – there’s good help out there and nobody should feel alone.

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