Why I’m joining the Great British Budget campaign

It’s no secret, I love a good budget. They stop you spending more than you have, help to keep you out of debt, and help you reach your long term financial goals. Anything that helps people to budget more easily, I’m interested…

That’s why it was such a treat to be invited to join the panel at The Great British Budget – there are so many great money-saving and thrift bloggers involved, just head over there and have a look.

It’s running for the whole of February, and there will be new challenges every day – we like that here too, having just finished our own Jump Start January. You can take your own budget challenge throughout the month (sign up here), and there’s also a prize draw and daily Twitter photo challenge to try your hand at. Look out for the #GreatBritishBudget hashtag, and follow @yourwealthuk to keep updated.

My personal main budget goal this month is to spend less than I earn, and to put a little money to one side for emergencies. I have an emergency fund that needs beefing up. There will probably be a low key Tenner Week challenge in there, so watch out. Yup. Meanwhile I’ll be popping up here and there with some home grown budgeting tips, and I hope you’ll be able to join in.


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  1. Looking forward to reading about your progress. I’ve been doing well at re-evaluating my spending so far this year (jump start jan helped!) now I’m hunting for somewhere to live withe my boyfriend, so every tip helps!



  2. Hi Sophie – so glad to hear that you liked January’s Jump Start! I’ll do a progress update soon about the budgeting (going ok so far, but it’s only the first week). Are you saving up for a deposit? Best of luck.

  3. I love your Tenner Week idea! How are you getting on? I’ll schedule next week to be my £10 challenge 🙂

  4. Hi Angelique – doing OK so far, still within budget and staying out of the shops for the best part. It’s amazing all the things we forget to budget for though, like gifts, repairs etc. Best of luck with your Tenner Week challenge!

    1. Staying out of the shops definitely helps! I’ve postponed my Tenner Week challenge as it’s half term this week *gulp*. I’m glad you’re also still in budget! Saying, “No I don’t need this,” becomes easier when there’s a plan that links directly with my goals.

      Speak soon x

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