How to organise your Autumn Winter wardrobe like a boss

It’s time to look forward to the coming season and get those clothes, shoes and accessories organised for the cooler months. Last weekend I cleaned all my footwear and protected it with leather feed, boot waterproofing liquid and suede and fabric spray, and this coming weekend I’ll be taking some jumpers and winter coats out of storage.

Now’s a good opportunity to add structure and storage to keep everything conveniently organised, and here are some of the best picks for maximising your space and helping your favourite things to last longer.


ikea wardrobe organisers

  • LOSJON set of 5 hangers, £4.75 per pack – fun, colourful and with a choice of self-adhesive backing or traditional screws. Stick to walls, windows, doors etc, or use inside a wardrobe.
  • HYFS boot box, £6. The window allows easy identification and the front opening means you don’t have to take boxes out of a stack to get at boots down at the bottom of the pile.
  • SVIRA hanging compartment storage, £11. Help for anyone who needs extra drawer space, or who’s looking to store hats, chunky scarves and bags. Side compartments for accessories are a nice touch.
  • TJUSIG hanger in black or white, £9.50. Make a display of your most gorgeous accessories or use as a handy coat rack. Buy more than one and stack them on top of each other for a feature.


lakeland wardrobe solutions

  • Non slip accessory hanger,£4.15. Handy for accessorising in a hurry, and for making capsule wardrobe dressing easier. Holes and hooks work for necklaces, bangles, scarves and belts. In ‘buy one get one half price’ offer.
  • Shoe boxes with drop fronts, £9.96. Long lasting stackable storage solution that lets you view and access shoes without moving boxes around. Buy 2, save £2.
  • Non slip space saving slimline hangers, pack of 4, £5.98. Really takes away some of the bulk of chunky hangers if you’re running out of room.  Also on ‘buy one get one half price’ offer.
  • Padded multi trouser hanger, £8.98. Ingenious way to store several pairs of trousers or jeans without taking too much room up – just load alternate rungs left and right so all the garments aren’t hanging on top of one another. In ‘buy one get one half price’ offer.

John Lewis

john lewis wardrobe helpers

  • Rotating shoe rack, £28. Sturdy, reliable shoe storage to keep halls and under-stair cupboards clutter free, holding up to 15 pairs.
  • Chrome over the door hanger, £12. Strong storage with 5 large hooks and 5 small ones. No fixings required and great for making the most of limited space in shared or rented accommodation.
  • Boot shapers, £8. Long lasting and good quality boot shapers. These keep your boots looking great, and they last for years. Add tissue paper to keep toes filled out, and these’ll take care of the ankle and calf sections for you.

Do you have any favourites here, or do you you have some recommendations of your own?

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