How to keep warm, save energy and save money

The January cold is now upon us, and we’re all looking for ways to stay cosy without it costing the earth. You’re probably sick of being told to turn down the thermostat one degree and put on another jumper (you’ve already done that right?), so here are a few more ideas that will help to keep you toasty warm, and are free or relatively cheap.

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1. Turn radiator thermostats down in any rooms you aren’t using.

2. Bleed radiators to remove excess air from the system and help them work more efficiently. Try this video from SSE if you need some tips.

3. Keep all doors closed in your home to trap as much warm air as possible.

4. Draw curtains at dusk to help to keep rooms warmer.

5. Use heavy curtains or thermal curtains during the winter months. You can also hang thermal linings inside ordinary curtains.

6. Keep a blanket or throw on your sofa or chair to keep extra toasty warm.

7. Try putting a thick blanket or extra duvet on top of the mattress, i.e. under the base sheet of your bed.

8. Ensure your boiler’s working at the right pressure. Here’s a quick video from SSE that shows you how to do this.

9. You may also be able to apply for a grant to get a free, energy efficient modern boiler installed.

10. Make sure you know how to deal with boiler emergencies. Learn how to re-light the pilot light on your boiler if you can’t do this already, and find out how to safely thaw a frozen boiler condensate pipe.

If your energy bills are high, it always pays to shop around among the different energy providers. You could make substantial savings. By the way, did you know that up to 30% of people in the UK have never changed their energy providers? It’s always worth keeping under review from time to time, just in case there’s a new offer available that better suits your household’s needs.

So there you go, that’s ten tips that should keep you warmer and help you to be better off financially. Much of this is also kinder for the environment, and we all need to do our bit.

Do you have any tips of your own for keeping warm, saving money and saving on your fuel bills? Please share your best ones!

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Full disclosure: Produced in association with SSE. All words by Penny Golightly and there has been no editorial interference.

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  1. im pleased to say that I have had a no spend week!
    I have kept £5.50 in purse all week!!!
    I have used visa debit card for 2 birthday presents and children’s study books BUT after buying weekly shop,and petrol I haven’t spent a penny…does that count as a no spend week?

  2. Hi Nikki – that’s amazing! Yes, it does count as a no-spend week in a Tenner Week sense (things you don’t buy for yourself don’t count towards the total). Bet you’re feeling chuffed 🙂

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