Homemade day

tenner week festive prep penny golightly day 6

Day Six of our Festive Prep Tenner Week, and today is homemade day. It’s time to get crafty, and get creative.

Today’s activity is to spend an hour (more if you want to) on making something festive.

You have plenty of choices, for example:

  • Make decorations for around your home
  • Make or upcycle some festive clothing
  • Create handmade Christmas cards or design holiday e-cards
  • Carve, knit, paint or sew festive gifts
  • Make soap, flavoured oils, or chutneys to give away
  • Decorate candles to use or give away
  • Anything else you’re handy at, and have materials for

I’ll be making some dried orange slices and studding them with cloves, and maybe a few other things too.

Any idea what you might be making, upcycling or decorating?

What’s happening here

Managed to have another no spend day on Friday, and boringly stayed in on Friday evening although I did make a nice aubergine and chick pea curry with all the trimmings. We’ve run out of breakfast cereals now, so it’s toast or porridge for today and tomorrow.

Did some cycling on the exercise bike in front of the telly last night, and that doesn’t count as screen time for the TV Diet so the total time watched is therefore the same as yesterday. Good to get some exercise though, even when it’s cold and rainy outside.

Total spent today: £0.00

Total spent this week: £7.75

How is your budget going? Are you still ok for groceries etc?

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  1. Today I am making some Christmas cards – tonight we are off into Birmingham to the German Christmas market – I won’t be buying anything from the stalls, but will treat myself to a festive coffee – just love the atmosphere as everyone tends to be in a good mood enjoying the start of the Christmas festivities. Food supplies are going well and I haven’t participated in the TV diet as we don’t watch much TV anyway so it wouldn’t really be a challenge – if it were an Internet diet, then would be an entirely different matter!

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