Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops rose extract review

Holy Lama Naturals Spice Drops Rose Extract food drink flavouring review Penny Golightly treats under a tenner

Let’s have another little Treat Under a Tenner, shall we? This week it’s the rose extract spice drops from Holy Lama Naturals, a very versatile natural flavouring.

The rose extract is full flavoured, strong yet delicate, and it has a fresh floral taste with both rose and geranium aromas in it. It’s pure Turkish delight in a dropper, and you only need one drop per 200ml or so of liquid to get a knockout taste. As with all rose flavours, it’s important not to overdo it as the flavour can turn ‘soapy’ if you use too much.

As it’s more concentrated than rosewater, more natural than rose syrup or flavouring, and less textured than using fresh rose petals, you can put it to good use in a much wider range of ways.

I started out using it in drinks, and it’s gorgeous added in tiny amounts – one drop per mug or so – to black tea for the perfect cup of rose tea, and is good with or without milk added to it. It also works with red berry herb teas and fruit cordials, and mixed into lemonade or tonic water.

It’s very nice mixed with hot water and a few drops of real vanilla extract too, for those colder days when you know you should be drinking more water.

You can also add it to cake mix, icing, cream, custard, icecream, fruit salads, sauces, pie fillings, chocolate truffles and, of course, Turkish delight. Since it’s quite pure and alcohol free, it can be added to shower gels, bath oils and foams, massage oils and room spritzes as well, making it even more versatile.

A small bottle lasts for ages and ages, and has an RRP of £3.99. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer, from chef supply shops, or from Ocado where it’s currently priced £3.49.

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