GOSH Prime’n Set Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder review

GOSH Prime'n Set Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder two in one review

This Penny Choose treat is fast becoming a go-to product as the Summer approaches. Today I’m reviewing GOSH Prime’n Set Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder – a ridiculously long name, but a pretty excellent loose powder that’s designed to control shine.

If you use mineral powder foundation, you’re supposed to buff a layer of Prime’n Set on underneath it as a base layer. Otherwise, you use it as a setting powder over the T-zone on top of your foundation or BB cream.

There’s a third use too, which they haven’t mentioned. If you don’t wear makeup, it also works on bare skin, or over sunscreen or moisturiser. Just remember to exfoliate well, so there’s no peeling or flaking skin for the powder to grab onto.

The powder is very finely milled, and it performs just as well as the premium products that make the same claims. The main ingredient is rice powder, and it also contains a little silica and mica amongst other ingredients.

While no powder can stop your skin producing oil, this stuff really does soak it up and prevent the shine from breaking through for several hours. If your makeup has usually all but slid off your face by 10.30am on a hot, sunny day, this stuff should see you looking matte long past your lunch break.

The powder is supposed to be translucent, from the looks of things. However, like all powders, it needs buffing in properly with a half-decent powder brush so it isn’t visible on the surface of the skin. Also, I suspect that if you had a darker skin tone then there’d be a risk of it creating a slightly ashen cast on the face.

The manufacturers claim this powder has a blurring or ‘perfecting’ effect on the skin. I suppose it does do this slightly, but honestly that’s not why people are going to buy this – it stops your skin looking like a greasy mess. End of. I’d recommend only using it in small amounts on problem areas, and not all over the whole face as it could be a bit drying on non-oily skin.

As with all loose powders, this stuff has the potential to get everywhere. However, there’s an adjustable sifter in the top of the pot, allowing you to tap out a tiny amount into the lid for ease of use.

Don’t think this is fragranced or perfumed in any way, and it could easily work as a unisex shine-control product. It’s nice and light, and it hasn’t caused me to break out at all. If the other gels, lotions and mattifying primers don’t work too well for you, then I reckon this powder is definitely worth a try.

It’s slightly pricey, but a little goes a very long way, and a 7g pot should last you for ages. Also, unlike most shine-control offerings, this stuff actually works, so for once you’re getting what you pay for. Best bought when there’s a multi-buy offer available to bring the price down.

GOSH Prime’n Set Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder has an RRP of £9.99, and is regularly in 3-for-2 offers at Superdrug.

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