Get set for an unusual April

Self isolation is working out just fine

Okay, well I wasn’t expecting a global pandemic in 2020, but then again I’m sure very few of us were. So here we are in the UK with most of us on lockdown, apart from the amazing frontline and support workers who are keeping the country together as best they can (and a few people with dodgy bosses who are forcing them to go in to non-essential jobs, of course).

Where have I been? Well, we’ve ended up having to do not one but two rounds of self-isolation at home due to having viral symptoms and, y’know, being responsible citizens and all that. Since it was relatively mild and atypical we haven’t needed to access medical treatment and therefore of course haven’t been able to get tested for the novel coronavirus, so the only way to carry on for the forseeable is to assume we’ve both had and not had COVID-19. I suppose our current situation is best thought of as Schrödinger’s COVID, and what happens when we go out of the front gate again remains to be seen.

Whatever it was, we’ve been extra sensible and done our best not to give it to anyone else. Go straight to home-jail, do not pass on infectious droplets, do not collect £200 – this new version of Monopoly is shit isn’t it?

The practicalities of self-isolation

Seriously though, the self-isolation situation hasn’t been too bad here. I tend to stick a few extra things in the cupboards and medicine box every autumn in case of emergencies anyway, we had a few bits and bobs left over after Christmas, and our neighbours kindly offered to pick things up for us, although we didn’t need it in the end. We had enough to get by, but we decided to try to get a small home delivery of fresh ingredients, and maybe top up the freezer a little at the same time. Challenge accepted.

Turns out it was a challenge and a half but we got there in the end. The only supermarket in the whole area which had delivery slots for self-isolating people who weren’t in any of the vulnerable age or health groups turned out to be Iceland Foods, and although there were a few cancelled items in there we ended up with enough in the fridge to keep us going. It was nothing fancy but I was very happy with the service, especially as so many other shops were completely unable to keep up with home delivery demand. Props to the ‘prawn rings a pahhhnd‘ people then, not that we actually bought a prawn ring but you get the idea.

What next from Golightly Gardens?

Seeing as I’m feeling much more chipper this week, I’ll be keeping busy with the thrifty lifestyle on here and adding in a side order of at-home-for-the-win goodness. I’m aware that more and more of us are experiencing stress, boredom and money problems at the moment so expect more on those subjects.

For anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed right now there will also be a daily post on Instagram with a thrifty idea or activity to try. They’re easily achievable and should save you a few quid or build your resilience, and you can follow along here.

You also have my solemn promise not to bore you senseless with yet another uninspiring recipe for banana bread, or any generic productivity/working from home tips because every blog and its dog is doing those right now, so I’m not gonna put you through that.

Fun and fabulous free gubbins

Keep yourself entertained from the comfort of your sofa with some of the latest freebies.

  • The National Theatre is streaming a new show every Thursday from 7pm, each available for seven days, during April. First up is the comedy One Man, Two Guvnors which I would recommend if you need a bit of a laugh. Here’s their YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.
  • Feeling very arch and arty? The Art Channel is showing a two-part documentary about Andy Warhol, tune in to Part 1 here.
  • Need some opulence? Take a 360 degree tour of Buckingham Palace and browse the Royal Collection Trust artworks, starting here.
  • If you’re missing the pub, have a look at this week’s Camden Town Brewery online events, including comedy, a cookalong and a virtual pub quiz.


That’s it from me for today, back soon with some grow-your-own-food tips for April. In the meantime, keep washing your hands.

If there’s any subject you’d especially like to see covered then please let me know in the comments box below, on Twitter, or via the usual contact form. 


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  1. I’ve spent too much time on screen time-all day on the computer, coupled with streaming services and YouTube. I just haven’t felt like reading a book. However, I think I might dust off my volumes of the Tightwad Gazette and reread each cover to cover. Finding basic ways to be thrifty helped me when we started out in our family life, and now may be needed more than then as we help ourselves, and family members experiencing severe cuts in income.

    1. Hi Sam, it’s a very worrying time for so many people around the world, but I love your idea of going back to your thrifty roots and have fond memories of Amy K’s Tightwad Gazette. Never hurts to refresh your memory and those skills may well turn out to be the most important for looking after ourselves. I’ve been sticking to two news checks per day and am seriously considering a prolonged social media break for at least one day at the weekend. Kind wishes to you and your family!

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