Fun week for 4FFeb

The first week of February has been turned over to fun, silly and happy goings on. Yeah, I know. It’s a hard life.

Here’s a quick run down:

  • Thu 2nd: Comedy night – laugh
  • Fri 3rd: Eat chocolate – indulge
  • Sat 4th: Buy some flowers – look at something pretty
  • Sun 5th: Pampering night – pamper (duh)
  • Mon 6th: Review ‘Instructions for Happiness…’  – think +ve
  • Tue 7th: Get creature comforts – cosy up
  • Wed 8th: Do silly kid stuff – remember

2. Comedy night was brilliant, watching sketch and sitcom clips, and reading scripts. Should do that much more often. Price tag: prepaid.

3. Like I needed a reminder to eat chocolate. Choc day was easy seeing as we had a few Hotel Chocolat goodies in the house, so it was a perfect excuse to eat some of those pistachio pralines. Not exactly what you’d call gruelling. Price tag: less than £2.

4. On Saturday I decided to cheer the mantelpiece up in the living room, and bought a £1 bunch of daffodil buds – this morning they’re all open and they look like the first burst of the Spring. Very cheery indeed. Price tag: £1.

5. Again, something I don’t do enough. Had a lovely soak in the tub, did a face mask and deep conditioned my hair, and now I’m PMSL in front of Bridesmaids and trying not to paint my pedicure all wonky. Price tag: free.

Book review coming tomorrow. I know I keep saying that. But I really will get around to it tomorrow. Honest.


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