Friendly Week for 4FFeb

There is something about the start of February that makes me want to hide under seven duvets and sleep it all off. Or get put away a cardboard box with plenty of straw. Perhaps it’s the cold, or the dark. Whatever it is, I hibernate far too much for my own good at this time of year, and it probably gives lots of people the wrong impression.

This week I’m trying to make a bit more effort, one small action every day:

  • Thu 9th: accept an invitation (friendly drink, event invitation etc)
  • Fri 10th: arrange to meet a friend for coffee
  • Sat 11th: see friends from out of town
  • Sun 12th: catch up on social emails
  • Mon 13th: meet some new people at different events
  • Tue 14th: general romantic stuff
  • Wed 15th: join a class or interest group

That’s a good start. None of it is going to be pricey either. And cobblers to the weather.

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  1. Making such lists really has an impact on effectivity! Good luck with your goals 🙂

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