Free Fitness for February

This is a belated mini-resolution, seeing as there’s too much pressure in January generally, and I’ve been full of germs. Without further ado, I give you Free Fitness February.

What’s the idea? I’m hoping to raise my fitness levels significantly without spending any money, that’s what. There are umpteen articles written about this every year, all hup-hup-hup and inspirational, but honestly I think there’s more than a little whistling in the dark going on there.

Seriously, in order to spend nothing you need to already own sports gear, a decent pair of trainers and ideally some waterproofs. The weather’s vile most of the time in February and my lungs really don’t need lots of cold air right now so I’m going to be realistic about exercising outdoors in the freezing rain – if I can find something else to do instead then I’ll be doing that.

Anyway, here’s the vague plan for the next 4 weeks. I’m going to start gently this week so I don’t anger my lungs and aggravate old knee and shoulder injuries, then I’m going to step it up and try to do something most weekdays.

Ideally I’m aiming for a happy medium between:

  • Aerobic exercise, both extended moderate and short intense bursts
  • Flexibility and body conditioning
  • Strength training, especially weight-bearing exercises

That variation should stop me getting bored as well (famous last words)…

Yesterday I went for a brisk walk the long way around the block. Managed about 25 minutes and felt fine during and afterwards. Sort of testing the water, if you will. This bodes well for stepping it up.

By the way, I’m not hoping to lose any weight. I’d be really, really annoyed if I had to replace any clothes at the start of March.

Are you doing any fitness training? Do you have any tips for free exercise?

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