Free fitness for February: End of week 4

My month of free fitness is drawing to a close, and it seems to have gone OK. One thing I’ve discovered is that I need to put a time and a day in my diary for it otherwise I seem to find some work to fill that time up instead, so that’s a new habit I’m planning on keeping up.

Here’s what I’ve been getting up so in the last few days:

  • Wednesday: 30 minutes of mixed aerobic exercises on the Wii fit, and a 20-minute lower body workout. Getting some more flexibility in my legs already, which is great progress.
  • Thursday: One hour of step on the Wii fit. Compared to the first week of doing this, it felt so much easier so that’s definite progress.
  • Saturday: A nice long walk, approx 60 minutes of mainly brisk walking. Nice bit of fresh air as well as a chance to stretch my legs.
  • Sunday: One hour of digging in the garden and lugging 50 litre bags of compost around etc. My arms are stronger but it does still make my back a little tired. Maybe that will improve too, in time.

How did it go? I think it’s gone OK, and I’ve managed not to spend any cash at all. You do have to think ahead a little and find interesting workouts to do, and try different forms of exercise otherwise I’m sure it would get monotonous very quickly indeed. Might reward myself by getting one of those fancy pilates balance balls to help with sit-ups if I can find a good deal on one.

Health-wise, I don’t feel like a new person or anything like that, but my lung capacity has improved a fair bit and I’m looking a little more toned all over so it’s been well worth the effort.

It’s the 28th tomorrow, so that will be my last workout for February and I’ll have hit my target for 20 days of exercise in four weeks. How’s your fitness level this week? Feeling inspired?

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