Free fitness for February: End of week 3

Quite a busy week just gone, and I didn’t manage to make it out for a free swim. Here’s how the free fitness turned out over the last 7 days:

  • Sunday: 30 minutes of aerobic exercises on the Wii fit. A bit of an afterthought as I had a busy weekend. Still, at least it’s better than nothing.
  • Wednesday: 70 minutes of Wii step, including 20 minutes with weights. Lost track of time and did more than I intended to, but no pain or breathlessness, or problems afterwards. Stopped using weights after old shoulder injury started to play up slightly, but no residual problems. Might be time for a sports massage soon though.
  • Thursday: 35 minutes of yoga from a recorded TV show. It looked tame from the title, but turned out to be fairly advanced with a real need for upper body strength and core strength, and the teacher went from asana to asana rapidly and talked in jargon a lot without explaining things. Fortunately I’ve done a fair bit of hatha and Iyengar yoga over the years so no injuries, but wow, that was not suitable for beginners or the truly unfit.
  • Friday: 40 minutes of Wii step, plus 20 minutes of brisk walking. Lung capacity seems to be improving, and general muscle tone has continued to improve too.
  • Sunday: 30 minutes of aerobic exercises on the Wii fit, 10 minutes of stretching, 50 sit ups.

How did it go? I managed 5 sessions, but three of them were relatively short. I confess I was a bit surprised at how bad my hamstrings were, but they should improve over the next few days given some care and attention. In dire need of a shoulder massage now too.

What’s next? There’s still time for another five sessions before the end of February, so I’ll try some more DVDs and lots of stretching, and start to mix in some high intensity exercise too. Think I’d better create a timetable since ad-hoc sessions are too sporadic and it’s too easy to forget.

Are you doing any exercise this February? Any get-fit-for-free tips to share?

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